Architectural Services

It goes without saying that one of the first steps in building a house / villa is getting an architect to design something to your broad requirements that makes the best possible use of your land. This is particularly important when the land is on a hillside or contour. Rather than cut into the land or move features such as boulders or prominent trees it may very well be best to incorporate attractive natural features into the design. A good architect will spot these things and point this out. This can reduce costs as well as having the benefit of generating a unique feel to the premises. It is of course ultimately up to you to decide what style of property to build however an experienced architect is invaluable in being able to pass on their experience from other designs - allowing them to advise you on where to locate outside areas and large areas of glass based on the aspect of the land. If you intend employing a project management company then it is advisable to ask them their advice also as they will most likely have worked with a number of architects.

A full set of plans - including electrical and water / drainage is a must before construction begins so make sure you use a reputable architectural company / architect.

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